Have you found a Tillystone?


Tilly is a delightful little dog, a stray rescued from the streets of Cardiff and taken to the council dogs home where I found her in May 2011. Within a year she had us perfectly trained.

Tillystones were created in 2011 On one of our many coastal walks when I started scratching her image onto stones and leaving them on beaches in the hope that someone would find them before the sea washed them away. Over the years I have left dozens of Tillystones knowing they would probably never be found.

In 2014 I decided to create some more permanent Tillystones in ceramic.  With the help of friends I have sent them to beaches around Wales and a few further afield.

If you are reading this you may have found one...If you have...enjoy!.  If you would like to email me a photo and tell me about your find you can email me through this site and I will add you to this page.

If you would like to find a Tillystone there are at least a dozen placed around our coast each summer so keep your eyes peeled and find one before they wash away.

A big Thankyou to all who have contacted me having found one, I am delighted that they have brought so much pleasure. Xx.


2020. Hi Jackie, I have just come back from my daily walk on Penbryn beach with Billy our 15yr old cairn terroir. We were so excited when we found one of your stones and loved to read the story of Tilly and feel sure that over the years we have seen one of your little drawings on stone.  Lovely idea to produce the stones and we have visited sea and slate in Llangrannog a number of times and our son got married from the house attached 5yrs ago on a most beautiful day in August. We have some very happy memories of the property. Enjoy life, it’s for living! X 

2019 . Hi Jackie, I found a Tillystone at Mudjimba dog beach in Queensland, Australia. Amazing! They are beautiful and I love Tilly’s story. Thankyou for brightening my day and the world!

2018 . My fur babies Tilly and Dolly (pic) found one of your stones yesterday on penllech beach. Nice idea. Regards. Nigel.

2018 . Hello jackie I have just found a Tillystone on Criccaeth beach in North Wales, what a lovely idea and such a nice story, we live just along the coast from Criccaeth and often walk the coastal path.....Thankyou for leaving it, it has made my day finding it.

2018 . Hi jackie. Me and my daughter Cali found one of your Tillystones on Criccaeth beach this morning. Cali was really happy to find it and will treasure it!! Diolch. Carys and Cali.  (Pic) Our dog holly with the stone. Xx

2018 . Hello I am a childminder in Criccaeth, North wales. Today (26th Jan.)  we found one of your beautiful Tillystones.  Thankyou for making some happy little explorers  (and minder) even happier finding real treasures. 

2018 . I was first taken to Llangwnnadl in 1955 by my parents on holiday. We spent many happy times there as a family and each year always visited such a lovely place. Years have passed, and following my retirement in 2012, I am pleased to say that I am now living close by with my partner who also loves Wales.  It made the visit much better today finding the Tillystone, I will treasure it. I hope you willl keep up the good work, and I hope to be lucky and find another one. Best wishes. Phil.

2017 . "Brilliant idea, I applaud you. quite mysterious, but at the same time very friendly.   It wasn't my walk really , but my partners.  She's Welsh and a very keen walker.  Offa's Dyke, Pennine Way, stuff like that.  Her project, of several years is to walk the entire Wales Coast Path from South to North and end up where she was born.  So far she and various friends and brother have walked from Chepstow to St Dogmaels over the past year or so.(St Dogmaels is when they found a Tillystone in September 2017) Here's Thursdays picture of her at the end of this trip".

2014.  "We've just come back from a wonderful holiday at John O'Groats - on a wet miserable day we were geocaching without much luck, however as we walked along the beach  I spotted an interesting stone - a Tillystone! Like you, we have a dog called Tilly which made finding the stone even more special. Thankyou very much for leaving these lovely gems for people to find, ours is now back with us in Northumberland.  Ive attached a photo of Tilly and the Tillystone".